Growing your own food

Edible gardens

7 good reasons for why you should grow your own food in the city
There are many reasons why you might want to start up your own urban food garden, for example:

  • to eat fresh, unsprayed vegetables;
  • to enjoy great-tasting home-grown food;
  • to save on household costs;
  • to find relaxation and stimulation in the great outdoors;
  • to build better contact with your neighbours;
  • to show your children that radishes don’t come from a factory, and that carrots don’t grow on trees;
  • to indulge your passion for gardening!

How do you start growing food in the city?
When you think of a vegetable plot, a huge tract of land with rows of crops might come to mind. However an edible garden can be just as small as you want. You can create a veggie garden on your balcony, or even on your windowsill. If you have no garden of your own, you could create a community garden together with your neighbours on an empty bit of land. Or you could rent a little plot at De Boeletuin, or take part in an existing community garden, or join an urban gardening group.

Links for further inspiration
De Boeletuin is a temporary green initiative on the site of the Free University. They rent small plots for a friendly price.
Cityplot  encourages and educates city dwellers about how to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, fruit and berries. They organise workshops and more.
Green Living Lab combines research, education and cultural initiative at the Boeletuin VU and is committed to innovative ideas and inspiring projects by bringing academic, technical, commercial and cultural expertise together.